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How do I refer an individual to hospice?

If you are caring for someone who may meet the medical guidelines for hospice, we encourage you to contact us sooner rather than later. There are several ways to refer a patient to Hospice of the Red River Valley:

  • With patient/family permission, review the situation with a Hospice staff member (call (800) 237-4629). If a Hospice staff member is in your facility, he or she will be able to answer questions.
  • Email us at questions@hrrv.org.
  • Contact us through the website.


What you can expect after calling Hospice

  • A quick response and visit when it is convenient for the individual and his/her family
  • Reassurance that he or she has made a good decision in calling Hospice
  • Information without obligation
  • Respect for the patient’s decision, whether it involves Hospice or not


We can provide answers to the common questions you might have: