(800) 237-4629   

How do we begin hospice care?

Anyone can contact Hospice of the Red River Valley about our services. You do not need to wait for a doctor. Call (800) 237-4629 or contact us.

When you call or email, we will schedule a visit whenever and wherever it is convenient for you and your family.

These visits are free of charge and without obligation. If hospice care is right for you, we will do the follow-up work, including contacting your doctor, starting the necessary paperwork and arranging a visit with a Hospice nurse.

When you contact Hospice, you can expect:

  • A prompt response and a visit when it is convenient for your loved one and the family members involved.
  • Reassurance that he/she has made a good decision in calling Hospice.
  • Information without obligation.
  • Respect for your loved one’s decision, whether it involves Hospice or not.

We can provide answers to the common questions you might have: