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How does hospice support caregivers and family members?

Many hospice patients are concerned about their family members and other loved ones. We support family members and other loved ones during your time as a patient, and during the days when you are no longer with them.

Caregiver Education and Support

Family caregivers are important in providing care. However, this can be a challenging job. We help caregivers every step of the way by teaching them how to provide care and by supporting them through this time.

Grief Support

When the day comes that you are no longer with your loved ones, Hospice of the Red River Valley’s grief specialists with be there.

Our grief specialists offer one-on-one visits, phone calls and literature to family members for up to 13 months, depending on individual needs and comfort level. In addition, we offer uniquely designed groups to provide support and practical suggestions on an ongoing basis during the grief journey.

We can provide answers to the common questions you might have: