Grand Forks Herald Speaks with Hospice about Importance of End-of-Life Planning

The Grand Forks Herald recently spoke with Hospice of the Red River Valley about the importance of end-of-life planning and advance directives.

“Completing the advance directive allows you the chance to speak for yourself and allows the opportunity to have your family and medical team aware of your wishes,” says Judith Peterson, Clinical Education Supervisor at Hospice of the Red River Valley in Grand Forks.

“If you have not completed an advance directive, expressing what your wishes are for end-of-life care, the decisions will be made for you and they may not align with your values, goals and preferences for end-of-life care.”

“For each of us, death will come in its own way and at its own time,” Peterson says. “None of us knows when that time will come. (Filling out a living will) takes the weight off your loved ones and offers them the opportunity to carry out your wishes for end-of-life care.”