Before I die, I want to …

We plan so many aspects of our lives, yet we often don’t think about how we want to live toward the end of our lives. April 16 is National Health Care Decision Day. Take some time to think about what is most important to you. If today were your last day, how would you want to spend it? What would you want to do?

To get started, reflect on what’s important to you and complete the below form. We’ll include your response anonymously on our digital “Before I Die” wall, right here on this website. Thank you for your participation!

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See my children marry and have their own children Travel to Australia Meet my grandchild Get out of debt Find love
Become a teacher Spend more time with my friends Follow my childhood
Travel the world Find stillness
Write a novel Play more  Go to Alaska and see the Northern Lights   Travel to every state in
the USA 
Visit the countries of my ancestors 
Be a grandma many times over and over Truly live Travel as much of the
world as I can  
 Cage dive with great white sharks in South Africa  Learn how to expertly
make croissants
Make as many people feel loved and important as I possibly can  Travel to Australia, Greece, Iceland, and Norway   Take all my children and grandchildren on a Disney Cruise  See my girls get married and have children  Know that my children are settled in their own lives  
Travel more and learn how to scuba dive Make sure my family knows how much I love them Pay for my children and grandchildren to take a big trip with me Visit every baseball stadium in the United States complete as much of my bucket list as possible.
Travel and watch my children grow up and have a family Hope that I have done the best I could do in life Go on a fun and leisurely road trip with good friends  Thank Jesus one more time for all of God’s grace and love in my life  See the Grand Canyon  
See my children and grandchildren find their true love