Compassionate Care Across Generations: A Family’s Experience with Hospice of the Red River Valley

Pictured: Lilian Folendorf

Hospice of the Red River Valley (HRRV) takes pride in providing compassionate care to families across generations. Deborah Fredrickson’s grandmother, Lilian Folendorf, and mother, Helen Olson, both received exceptional end-of-life care from HRRV, in the same home about ten years apart.

Lilian Folendorf was born in England in 1889 and immigrated to the United States with her father when she was young. Later in life, Lilian battled breast cancer and turned to hospice care when her condition worsened. HRRV provided Lilian with outstanding care and support until she passed away in 1985, surrounded by her loved ones in Deborah’s parents’ home. Deborah and her family were deeply touched by the kindness and professionalism of HRRV staff, who made Lilian’s final days comfortable and dignified. The experience was especially meaningful to Deborah’s family because they were able to say their goodbyes in a peaceful and loving environment – home.

Pictured: Helen Olson

Helen Olson, Deborah’s mother, also received exceptional care from HRRV after battling ovarian cancer. Deborah was grateful for the quality time she was able to spend with her mother during her final days, thanks to the expert medical care provided by HRRV staff. Deborah described her mother’s comfort and peace of mind as she was surrounded by familiar furnishings and memories from her home. HRRV staff were able to handle the medical aspects of care so that Deborah could focus on making meaningful memories with her mother. Deborah’s memories of home are especially meaningful, as she was able to celebrate the life of not only her grandmother but also her mother, living their last months and days in the comfort of their families home. Deborah emphasized the importance of hospice care, which allows families to spend precious time with their loved ones, focusing on what matters most to them rather than the burdens of treatments, medical appointments and countless decisions along the way.

Deborah’s experience with HRRV has left a lasting impression on her family, and she urges others to consider the compassionate and expert care provided by HRRV. 

Hospice of the Red River Valley is dedicated to making each moment matter, for you, for them and for us, by providing the compassion and care everyone deserves through their life’s journey.

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