Jean Limvere – Bringing Comfort through Creativity

Jean Limvere has always been driven by a spirit of service and creativity. With a background in education and childcare, Jean raised four children while teaching elementary school for over a decade. Her journey into volunteering with Hospice of the Red River Valley (HRRV) began unexpectedly, sparked by her involvement in community activities.

Jean’s involvement with HRRV started through a connection with her choir director, who introduced her to volunteer opportunities making comfort items for hospice patients. Amidst initial delays due to COVID-19, Jean took the initiative to complete and deliver these projects, catching the attention of Volunteer Coordinator Supervisor, Stacey Dahl-Voeller, who recognized Jean’s sewing skills and invited her to contribute regularly.
As a volunteer, Jean dedicates her time crafting afghans, bibs, pillows and walker bags. She diligently creates 2-3 afghans weekly from her apartment, crafting nearly 500 for HRRV patients and families, many being for our We Honor Veterans Pinning Ceremonies.

Jean finds deep satisfaction in her volunteer work, noting how it keeps her busy and fulfilled. “I enjoy volunteering because it gives me something to do,” she shares warmly. Knowing her creations bring comfort to hospice patients fills her heart with joy, reinforcing her commitment to making a difference.

Since joining HRRV as a volunteer, Jean has demonstrated dedication and passion for her volunteer role. Her efforts were recently celebrated when she received the Outstanding Rural Health Volunteer of the Year Award at the 39th Annual Dakota Conference on Rural and Public Health. This honor took her by surprise but left her deeply appreciative. Reflecting on the ceremony, she fondly recalls sharing the moment with her daughter and a friend.

To those considering volunteering with HRRV, Jean shares, “It’s a pleasure to do it.” She has inspired several others to join her in this meaningful work, sharing with others how being a volunteer has had a positive impact in her life.

Outside of her volunteer commitments, Jean serves as a church organist and dedicates her weekends to ensuring two men can attend services by providing transportation. Her vibrant personality and dedication to service are evident in every aspect of her life.

Jean Limvere serves as a testament to the power of kindness and creativity in making a profound impact on others’ lives. Her volunteer journey with HRRV is inspiring and much appreciated.

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