Grief Support for Children and Teens

As adults, we often don’t know how to process and work through our own grief; it’s common to feel even more helpless when consoling a child or teen. The grieving process is unique to each of us, especially for youth. Children and teens who have experienced loss through death grieve differently than adults and require special attention and care when doing so. They may not be able to express or even identify their feelings.

Hospice of the Red River Valley supports grieving kids and teens through youth programming, such as school support groups, seasonal grief classes and one-on-one support provided by professional grief specialists.

School Support Groups Hospice of the Red River Valley’s grief specialists offer tailored grief support groups for middle and high school students within our service area. Our staff is trained to work with children and teens who have experienced loss through death or a crisis situation. These are closed groups with referrals made through school counselors. Contact us at or (800) 237-4629 and/or contact your school counselor for additional information and availability.

Seasonal Grief Class for Kids and Teens Youth Journeys is a day-long program for youth, ages 7 to 18, who have lost a loved one. The day is broken down into sections, allowing youth a chance to:

  • Explore how the death of their loved one has affected their lives
  • Their feelings
  • Self-care
  • How to embrace memories

If you know a young person who has lost a loved one to death, the following grief support resources may help you during this time:

If you would like to speak someone or if you have questions, please contact our grief support department at (800) 237-4629 or

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