Frequently Asked Questions

Who could benefit from House Calls?
House Calls offers care to chronically ill adults who have difficulty leaving their homes for clinic appointments.

What is a typical visit like?
A House Call visit is like a regular appointment at the clinic except it takes place in the comfort of your home. When a provider from House Calls visits you in your home, we can see more of your world to better support your needs and increase the quality of your life.

Who provides care?
Our House Calls team includes local physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses who travel each day from one patient’s residence to the next.

What if I have to go to the hospital?
Our goal is prevent emergency room visits or hospitalizations when possible. There may be times that it is medically necessary for you to go to the urgent care, the emergency department or hospital, and you may be advised to do so from your House Calls team.

Will I see the same provider on each house call?
When possible, you will see a consistent provider, however you may be seen by one of our other clinicians dependent on scheduling, availability and other urgent needs. Our providers will all have access to your medical records, for seamless care and support.

Will House Calls be considered my primary doctor? Can I still see my regular doctor?
When you choose House Calls, our clinicians become your primary care providers. You can continue to see your specialists, such as your cardiologist, neurologist or other specialist; House Calls staff will take the place of your current primary care provider to avoid duplication of services.

What if I need lab work, X-Rays or other testing?
X-rays, EKGs and other services or procedures may be required to evaluate a medical problem. Certain tests may require a visit to a specialty clinic. For example, imaging studies that require large, fixed equipment, like CT scans or MRIs, must be done at a nearby imaging center or hospital outpatient department.

How long will it take to schedule my first visit?
Because scheduling and availability changes constantly depending on our patients’ needs, timing for your first visit will vary. We will do our best to schedule a House Calls visit within 2-4 weeks.

Where can a House Calls provider see me? What do you consider to be “home”?
House Calls will visit you wherever you live, whether that’s in an assisted living facility, private residence or other place you call “home.” Currently, we are accepting new patients in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area. If you or your loved one resides outside of the Fargo-Moorhead area, please call us to learn if House Calls is an option: (701) 356-1560 or (800) 237-4629.

How often are visits scheduled?
House Calls will visit with you in your home as frequently as is medically necessary, based on your symptoms and conditions. At each visit, the provider will give you a time frame for the next follow-up visit. If you develop a problem and need to be seen sooner, please call us.

What are your hours of operation? What if I need a visit after hours, on the weekend, or on a holiday?
House Calls visits are typically made Monday through Friday between 8 a.m-5 p.m. We do not routinely schedule after-hours, weekend or holiday visits, but a clinician is available 24/7 by phone to help guide care depending on your symptoms.

Much like your current primary care provider, if you are in urgent need of a visit, we will do our best to schedule a House Call. In the event we are unable to visit you in your home, we will provide phone support.

House Calls is not an emergency service. If you ever experience a life-threatening emergency, you should call 911 immediately. If you go to the hospital please contact us so we can send appropriate records to assist in your care.