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A Reason to Ride: Northern Minnesota Community Supports Hospice Through Annual Snowmobile Ride

Nestled among evergreens and winding roads in eastern Mahnomen County, Naytahwaush, Minn., is a quaint town whose residents hold Hospice of the Red River Valley especially close to heart. For the past 13 years, community members have combined their love of Minnesota winters with supporting their friends and neighbors by participating in the Hospice Ride, …

Tricia Langlois

My hospice story: To do more than cure, treat and fix

My job and purpose as a physician shifted when I realized I needed to do more than cure, treat and fix. What I really needed to do was take care of the patient for the entire journey, and especially the end.

Senior man smiling

Kindness and Compassion Personified: Why I Support Hospice

I wish you could have known my wife, Marcia. She was brilliant—a perfect wife and mother of four. We met as children when I pushed her in a snowbank. Years later, Marcia waited for me while I spent two years overseas with the military, and we eventually married when I returned. For 54 years, we …

Why We Support Hospice: Kirk’s Story

When Kirk, my husband of almost 43 years, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in January 2012, we were stunned. Kirk hadn’t been in the hospital since he was a teenager and when we met the surgeon that evening in the emergency room, he told us he was afraid, since Kirk had been so healthy …

Two women smiling

Why We Support Hospice: Becky Rantanen’s Story

My father had one request of his children before he passed away in 1996: “Take care of your mother.” Dad spent his final days in a hospital, uncomfortable and homesick. We did not know about Hospice at the time. We vowed it would be different for Mom. My mother, Gladys English, was a remarkable woman. …

Norene and Art Bunker

Why We Support Hospice: Norene Bunker’s Story

Over the years, we have heard about hospice care, talked about it, and even supported it. But the concept of care really came to life when we witnessed, firsthand, the work of Hospice of the Red River Valley for our dear, family friend Norene Bunker. Only after seeing the care in action could we truly …