Volunteer Stories

Two Peas in a Pod: One Volunteer’s Connection to a Patient

Sometimes you meet someone and a natural connection just happens, like an unstoppable force of magnetism. That’s precisely what happened for volunteer Breanna Hanan and hospice patient, Alice.* What started out as a routine college credit requirement, quickly turned into meaningful life lessons and an unexpected friendship. Breanna, an upbeat, cheerful young lady pursuing a …

Three Decades of Volunteering

After 30 years of service, Leona Laugeness has worn many hats at Hospice of the Red River Valley.

Gail “Sunny” Prudhomme

Learn about Sunny’s patient care volunteer experience and how she helped a patient find closure.

Judy Dragseth

Patient care volunteer Judy Dragseth shares life lessons she’s learned throughout 30 years of volunteering.

Nanda Gross

Nanda Gross experienced hospice care first hand when her father was on service and appreciates the opportunity to give back as an office volunteer.