Gail “Sunny” Prudhomme

 “Hospice took care of my dad in 1999. They saved me. I was able to keep working four hours a day while caring for my dad. After that experience, I wanted to donate something but was putting two kids through college at the time and decided to donate in another way. That was in 2000, and I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people since.”
– Gail “Sunny” Prudhomme


One of the goals Hospice employees and volunteers strive to accomplish is helping patients find closure at the end of their life’s journey. Hospice volunteer Sunny Prudhomme was able to make that happen for her patient, Louise. Here is their amazing story:

Louise knew little to nothing about her birth, other than she was born in an unwed mother home. Now facing the end of life her desire to learn something about her birth grew stronger and was the closure she was looking for. Yet, there were many obstacles to finding this information including the lack of records kept at that time as well as a fire at the capitol building where the papers were likely stored.

Call it fate, luck or divine intervention, Hospice matched Louise up with volunteer Sunny. Sunny happens to work at an agency that handles adoptions so she knows a lot about birth records. The first day Sunny and Louise met they hit if off. Sunny explains it this way, “It was an instant connection.”

During their visits, Louise shared her history with Sunny, who soon recognized how important it was for Louise to learn more about her birth. So, with Louise’s permission, she began doing some digging. Sunny knew all about how to use the internet for public searches and had local contacts that were able to assist with her search.

Before long, she had discovered the information Louise was looking for about her birth. The day she delivered the information to Louise was emotional for both of them. Louise not only found the information she had been looking for but had discovered a wonderful new friend in the process as well.

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