Mission, Vision & Values


Hospice of the Red River Valley’s mission is to provide comfort at the end of life’s journey.


We believe every terminally ill individual deserves access to high-quality, affordable end-of-life care. Our services enrich the lives of those we serve, and support the patients’ loved ones. Because of highly skilled staff and a reputation for excellence, Hospice of the Red River Valley is recognized as the area’s leading expert in end-of-life care and education.


Hospice has HEART
Honor: I accept the honor of service to hospice patients, families and communities.
Excellence: I strive for excellence in my work, as we stand on hallowed ground.
Attitude: I choose a positive attitude at work.
Respect: I treat people with the same respect I wish to be given.
Teamwork: I value everyone’s contribution in delivery of care, operation of the organization and stewardship of our resources.