Hospice Care Eligibility

Hospice care is a specialty within health care focusing exclusively on care of the dying and those who love the“I continue to very much appreciate the services of HRRV. Your agency very recently provided excellent service to one of my patients in the last days of her life and under difficult circumstances. The feedback I get from my patients’ families about hospice is always and only complimentary and grateful. Thank you to all of you for your wonderful work.”  Dr. Anita Jonasonm. Hospice care is for anyone with a life expectancy of six months or less. Our services enhance the care provided by specialists in other areas of medicine. As a health care professional, you play an important role helping individuals under your care and their families make the best choices possible, including hospice care when the time is right.

It can be difficult to determine when an individual is medically appropriate for hospice care. You might ask yourself, would I be surprised if my patient lived longer than six months?

Several signs and symptoms indicate that a patient is medically appropriate for hospice care. The following guidelines can help determine when to make a referral:

  • Uncontrolled or chronic symptoms that interfere with quality of life
  • Progressive decline in functional capability
  • Unintentional, progressive weight loss greater than 10 percent in the past six months
  • May have multiple chronic comorbidities
  • Dependence on assistance for most cares
  • Recurrent infections
  • Recurrent ED visits or hospitalizations
  • Non-healing wounds

We can help you determine if your patient qualifies for hospice care, or broach the topic with your patients. You can learn more about how hospice care is paid for and the Hospice Medicare Benefit.

Contact us, or learn about common conditions and what qualities indicate an individual may be ready for hospice care. 

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“Hospice of the Red River Valley’s online referral form is simple and easy to navigate. It saves me time, and I know they receive the information they need. It asks the appropriate questions, and I can attach additional information. Sometimes I don’t have time to phone in a referral. I like the online form because it helps me be efficient and accomplishes a referral in less time.

The online referral form gives me the flexibility of starting and stopping at my convenience. I can start filling it out the form, and if I’m interrupted or called away can later come back and finish the referral without the back and forth that phone calls would require. It’s easy, quick, asks the appropriate information, and what’s best, I always hear back from Hospice of the Red River Valley quickly after the referral is made.”

Tammy Rodeman, RN Nurse Manager LTC
Ecumen Detroit Lakes