Hospice of the Red River Valley is a non-profit hospice that provides intensive comfort care to enhance quality of life for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. Our site shares patient, caregiver and volunteer stories—demonstrating how hospice allows people to live well, and tools and resources about end-of-life and grief.

Marilyn and Eric

Beloved Langdon Resident Receives Community, Hospice Support

Marilyn (Holmes) Hennager was born in New Westminster, the oldest city in western Canada located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. She was the third of four children who shared a humble upbringing that brought the family to Manitoba and eventually Saskatchewan, where they grew up. Marilyn was always proud of her Canadian heritage. She …


Heartcast, Episode 4: Setting goals, priorities on hospice care

In episode 4 of Heartcast, Kristina Dathe, Hospice of the Red River Valley registered nurse and community relations specialist, talks about how she helps patients and their families set priorities and goals while on hospice care.


Karolee Ondracek

Long-time Hospice Social Worker Brings Experience and Resources to Patients

A hospice social worker guides patients and their families through a tender time in their lives by providing emotional support, education and identifying resources. For long-time Hospice of the Red River Valley Social Worker Karolee Ondracek, of Valley City, N.D., this role is a calling. “I’ve always wanted to help people at end of life—to …


Heartcast, Episode 3: What is Self-care? Tips & More

In episode 3 of Heartcast, Cathy Miller, Hospice of the Red River Valley social worker, defines self-care and why it’s important to incorporate a self-care routine in your life. She also explains different types of self-care practices. 


Grieving a Complicated Relationship

by Heather Larson, LSW, CT When it comes to grief, we often think of the loving relationship we had with the person who died, and the deep sadness and longing we feel when they are gone. But what happens when the relationship was not so good? What happens when we don’t feel sad or long …


4 Tips to Deal with ‘Happiness Guilt’

by Janna Benson Kontz, MDiv Grief and guilt often walk hand in hand. When we grieve the death of someone, our minds go to places we wish they wouldn’t travel. We ask ourselves, “Could I have done more? Why didn’t I do more? Why didn’t I tell them I loved them? Did I love them …