Jane & Jack’s Story

Jane Reff & Jack Sunday
Jack and Jane loved traveling, especially to the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Jack Sunday leans back at his dining room table, hands behind his head. The laughs come readily as he shares stories of his late wife Jane Reff. The cherished memories of more than 15 years together pour out.

“Jane and I had a saying, and she started it. ‘Isn’t it lucky?’” Jack said. “Isn’t it lucky that we somehow crossed paths? We got along so well. It was like we were newlyweds for all 15 years.”

The Fargo couple enjoyed travel, music, conversation and a shared sense of humor.

Jane lived for nine years with cortical basal ganglionic degeneration, which slowly limited her mobility and independence. But with the help of Hospice of the Red River Valley, Jack was able to care for Jane during her final journey in their Fargo home, where she wanted to be.

Nurses, CNAs and a social worker provided comfort, care and support in Jane’s greatest time of need. Jack considers the time he spent caring for Jane as one of the defining moments of his life, and Hospice of the Red River Valley made this possible.

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A message from Jack, Jane’s husband
Jack Sunday with seashells
Jack smiles as he shares stories of his life with Jane.

Isn’t it lucky? It’s the saying Jane and I shared. Isn’t it lucky we somehow crossed paths? Isn’t it lucky we got to spend 15 wonderful years together?

When the time came, Hospice of the Red River Valley was a blessing. They helped us honor our time together by creating more meaningful moments.

I used to think hospice care was for those in their final days, but now I look at it as a gift that allows us to live each day as fully as possible. Hospice was always on top of getting what Jane needed. Their staff were absolute gems.

It was such a comfort to have them here to help us. I’m so glad I could take care of her; thank goodness we could be at home. I consider the experience one of the defining moments of my life. While I so wish the circumstances were different, I’m grateful with the help of Hospice of the Red River Valley to have cared for Jane when she needed it most.

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Warmest regards,
Jack Sunday

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