Volunteer Spotlight: Stephanie Wegner

At Heirlooms Thrift & Gift, We’re fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time and talents to support the store—and Hospice of the Red River Valley’s mission. The Volunteer Spotlight celebrates their contributions to the store and organization.

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Volunteer: Stephanie Wegner
Location: Fargo, N.D.
Volunteer role: Heirlooms Thrift & Gift volunteer
Volunteering since: 2020

Why do you choose to volunteer with Heirlooms?
I have loved the store since the first time I shopped there. I also love to give back to the community and have done so since 1997 when I first got in the flood fight. I am much older now but can still give back.

Describe your favorite volunteer memory.
My first day at Heirlooms: Heirlooms made me feel valued again. Something I have missed, but not known, since my retirement in 2018. We all have so much to give; we just need to find an outlet.

How does it make you feel to know your work at Heirlooms support Hospice of the Red River Valley’s mission?
I feel very lucky to be around every person I encounter each day—from co-volunteers to the staff and customers. Each day brings new challenges and unexpected chanced to touch another’s life.

What is your favorite aspect of Heirlooms?
The welcoming atmosphere and being available to help.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Being able to stand on my own two feet knowing that what I have earned. That, and raising my son from age 11 when his father died. We made it together.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Not hidden much, but a gift of gab! I like to draw people out and visit, not invasive, but friendly. I used to be very shy. I also like to crochet—nothing fancy and do embroidery. 

Describe your perfect day.
Sunshine—wall to wall! I also love being outside and digging in the dirt planting flowers. Spending time with my son is also part of a perfect day.

What is your favorite food to make or eat?
Comfort food: just like my mom used to make—no recipes, just tossing things together.

What hobbies to you enjoy?
Again, digging in the dirt. I also like learning things, like computer challenges and learning how to fix something so it can be used again.