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    Two Peas in a Pod 
    Click to read how the connection between a volunteer and patient quickly developed.
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    Comfort. Dignity. Respect. This is Hospice. 
    Read more about the Hospice experience through the eyes of our patients.
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    Striking the Right Chord With a Dream Come True 
    Click to read about Sonny's dream come true.
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    It Takes All Kinds 
    Click to read about an unexpected Hospice volunteer.
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    Clearing The Air: Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care 
    Click to read the differences between palliative care vs. hospice care.

What is hospice care?

Hospice care is comfort care available to anyone with an incurable illness during their last months and weeks of life. Hospice care alleviates pain and other symptoms to enhance quality of life for these patients and their families by addressing their medical, emotional, spiritual and grief needs. Learn more about hospice care:
Hospice provides specialized care for you and your family during the last stages of your disease.  Learn more.
A caregiver's role can be rewarding, life-changing and exhausting. Hospice can help. Learn more.
Health Care Professionals
When there's nothing more you can do to treat a disease, there is another option: Hospice. Learn more.