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    Area Man Flies Tandem with HRRV 
    Stew Bass shares his experience with Hospice of the Red River Valley.
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    Ride the Red 
    Click for more info about the 15th Annual Ride the Red event.
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    Shear Gratitude: Hospice Volunteer Delights Patients with Haircuts 
    Volunteer Rebecca Wood shares her experience giving haircuts to Hospice patients.
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    Sixth Annual Ole's Ride 
    Click for more information about Ole's Ride.
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    2015 Journeying Home Conference 
    Click for more info and to register for Journeying Home.
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    2015 Fall Grief Classes and Workshops 
    Click to view our fall 2015 grief classes and workshops.

What is hospice care?

Hospice care is comfort care available to anyone with an incurable illness during their last months and weeks of life. Hospice care alleviates pain and other symptoms to enhance quality of life for these patients and their families by addressing their medical, emotional, spiritual and grief needs. Learn more about hospice care:
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When there's nothing more you can do to treat a disease, there is another option: Hospice. Learn more.