The Macy Catheter: For rapid administration of medications and fluids

Hospice of the Red River Valley uses a new technology called the Macy Catheter. This specific catheter provides quick symptom management for severe symptoms while avoiding some of the challenges of administering oral/buccal medications at the end of life.

  • The catheter is FDA cleared for placement and use by both RNs and LVN/LPNs.
  • The need for the catheter will be determined by the hospice nurse in collaboration with the hospice medical providers.
  • HRRV provides the Macy Catheter as it’s needed, and the hospice nurse will also place the catheter and teach other available facility nurses, if applicable, how to use the device.

A number of educational and instructional resources for The Macy Catheter are available:

Macy Catheter Quick Guide Bedside Care Kit
Macy Catheter Patient Caregiver brochure
Symptom Management Route Delivery Guide: When to Use the Macy Catheter
Clinical Staff Training Video

Learn more about the Macy Catheter.


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