Campaign Goals

A Home Away From Home

Ensure patients can enter their end-of-life stage in comfort and home-like surroundings when being in their own home is not an option. 

Expert care with a reduced financial burden: A short stay at a Hospice House is 100% covered by Medicare for respite and general inpatient care. 

Features designed to support a patient’s physical health and wellbeing: Each patient room is fully equipped with medical-grade equipment and call systems. These and other medial features are creatively hidden to mask their institutional look and maintain a home-like feeling. 

Peace and comfort for the caregiver and the patient: The Hospice House isn’t just for a patient – primary caregivers can benefit from respite care which allows them the opportunity to take a short break and rest easy knowing their loved one is receiving best-in-class care in a peaceful setting. 

A heart for terminally ill children: The Hospice House will provide a comfortable space for children and teens to receive concurrent care (both curative and hospice services). The House’s space for children and teens will include equipment and technology, art supplies and activities, music and toys. It will be a place where kids can just be kids while also having their pain and symptoms managed with around-the-clock care. 

All the Comforts of Home

Provide supportive programming that maximizes the quality of life for terminally ill patients and their families and caregivers.

Comprehensive education and grief support: Trained social workers, chaplains and other care professionals will be on hand for patients and/or their family members. These services are needed to help family prepare for the end of life, which can involve mending relationships, establishing an advance directive or learning how to cope with the symptoms and signs that precede death.

Opportunities for solitude and building supportive relationships: A Hospice House provides spaces where adults and children can be alone, take a stroll, read a book or watch a movie if they need distraction. It also provides spaces that can spark conversation and friendships between families.

Increased community engagement, volunteer-driven resources and therapies: The large space of the Hospice House allows for many volunteer/community provided resources. From ice cream socials manned by volunteers to hair care, massage or pet therapy, a Hospice House can inspire the entire community to provide love and support to their neighbors in need.

Easy access to the outdoors: The grounds of the Hospice House will include walking paths, serene gardens and other interactive features. It will offer a beautiful and scenic place for patients and families to reflect, find peace and enjoy nature. Hospice supporters and community members will also have a designated area to honor and memorialize their loved ones.

Support for Our Community, Forever

Create a valuable, independent and self-sustaining community-based asset that will be available for future generations.

A freestanding hospice care facility will allow patients to receive the kind of end-of-life care they need and want at a lower cost than most other inpatient facilities. It is not designed to treat patients with acute, short-term medical problems, but rather, to emphasize quality of life for whatever time remains.

As an independent, nonprofit, community-owned hospice, Hospice of the Red River Valley is accountable to you, our donors and our community, rather than shareholders or remote administrators.

Adding a nonprofit Hospice House to our community’s system of care will enable us to prioritize the final wishes of patients, their families and caregivers—above all else—for generations to come.

Key Building Features

  • 55,000 total square feet
  • 18 patient rooms with sitting areas, private bathrooms and pull out guest beds
  • Common areas for watching television, playing games and group sessions
  • Kitchen, chapel, library
  • Administrative offices
  • Child/teen-friendly spaces and rooms