Community Impact

Community Impact

Building a Hospice House for our region will result in several measurable outcomes: 

  • Improved inpatient experiences, including satisfaction and pain control
  • Decreased ICU and hospital mortality of Hospice of the Red River Valley patients
  • Reduced caregiver burnout
  • Reduced financial burden compared to hospitalization and nursing home care
  • Increased number of spouses, children and other family members able to manage chronic stress, trauma and grief and have meaningful moments with their loved ones
  • Increased capacity to serve the region’s growing elderly population
  • Increased community awareness of, and engagement in, the Hospice of the Red River Valley mission and philosophy of care
  • Strengthened relationships with area health partners
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Stories and Testimonials

“We didn’t know what was lacking in Fargo until we needed it. And then it was too late….. When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, we assumed that Fargo would offer the services she would need. However, once she progressed to the stage where she could no longer stay at home, we were shocked that there was not a Hospice house in the entire state! Our only option was a nursing home. We discovered quickly that the the nursing home care was not suited to someone who was dying. The nursing staff couldn’t respond to her various symptoms as they arose. The situation cause untold suffering for my mother, as well as extreme stress for her family. Once my mother passed away, I vowed to do whatever I could to bring a Hospice House to Fargo.

No one should ever, ever have to go through what our mother and family did. We are beyond thrilled to learn of the plans for a new Hospice House in Fargo!”

Linda Morris

Tracee Capron
HRRV Executive Director
Dan & Heather Butler
Heather’s House Supporters
Jon Benson
HRRV Board of Directors, Past President
Sue Sorenson
Philanthropy Oficer
Tracie Malberg, MD FAAFP HMDC
Medical Director
Why a Hospice House